When you become a member and upgrade your account by paying $1 Dollar a month you'll gain access to our Login Ad Panel where you can add your link. Your link will be displayed FULL PAGE for 15 seconds on the Login screen. When members login to their accounts they will see a members Login Ad.

You will also be placed in the Freedom Dollar 3 x 4 Matrix. Featuring Infinite Width Expansion™, You are not limited to just referring only 3 people. You can refer as many as you want. The more people you refer, the larger your matrix becomes down each level. We recommend that you refer at least 3 people.

This great program is affordable to everyone. It is only $1 Dollar a month. Refer at least 3 people and as your network starts to grow, you can earn $25,777 or more in residual passive income each and every month!

Example Matrix 3 X 4
Level # of Members Level Cost Earnings Next Upgrade Cash
1 3 $1.00 $3.00 $3.00 $0.00
2 9 $3.00 $27.00 $15.00 $12.00
3 27 $15.00 $405.00 $317.00 $88.00
4 81 $317.00 $25,677 $25,677
TOTAL: $25,777

The above matrix is just an example. Keep in mind, our matrix features Infinite Width Expansion™, meaning you are not limited to only 3 people on your first level, you can refer as many as you want. As an Example, if you refer 10 people who each refer 3, down the levels... You would have 270 people on Level 4. The more you refer, the larger your matrix will become. You have the power to increase your earnings exponentially.

One Dollar Can Set You Free

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